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Supplier and Commission Payments

Global payments with virtual credit cards


Make payments to business partners worldwide quickly and securely by virtual credit card

In many business areas, such as the tourism industry and online retail, large numbers of business partners need to be paid as quickly as possible every day for the services they provide. In this case, time-consuming, cost-intensive payment methods, such as bank transfers or billing, are not appropriate as payment methods. Therefore, Wirecard has developed the ‘Supplier and Commission Payments’ (SCP) solution for the purposes of making payments to partners such as airlines, hotels or consumer goods manufacturers.

SCP allows you to automatically create virtual credit cards tailored to your specific requirements and to process your global B2B transactions – wherever Mastercard or Visa is accepted. The use of virtual credit cards offers many benefits, as the solution is not only fast and cost-efficient, but also extremely secure. As one virtual credit card is typically generated for each transaction, this means it is also easy reconciliation is guaranteed.


One virtual credit card per transaction

SCP allows you to keep track, as you can monitor all your transactions quickly and easily.

A new virtual credit card is typically generated for each transaction with SCP. This not only minimises the risk associated with payment processing, but also enables all transactions to be quickly and easily tracked using the specially provided reconciliation files or the Wirecard Enterprise Portal. Create, load, unload and close your virtual credit cards automatically and in real time by integrating the SCP solution via the Wirecard API.

Why SCP?


The virtual credit cards created via SCP can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard or Visa is accepted. Furthermore, you also have the option to select from over 30 different card currencies to minimise any foreign currency costs.


With SCP, you can optimise the cost structure of your payment processing. Especially for international payments, SCP is offering significant cost benefits compared to standard procedures such as international money transfers.

Fully automated

The SCP API provided can be integrated into your systems if necessary, thus enabling you to process payments automatically. SCP saves time and money.

Simple, convenient management

With the Wirecard SCP Enterprise Portal, you can process and manage payments online and in real time.

Using the intuitive SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal, you can also trigger all necessary actions manually at any time. Create new cards, load them with funds, perform transactions, or remove the funds and close the cards. You can also use the Wirecard Enterprise Portal to get an overview of your transactions or perform analyses. Different user roles enable role-specific access.

How it works

Interested in the Wirecard Supplier and Commission Payments solution? Then get in contact with us, and we will provide you with an individual consultation to come up with a set-up tailored to your business model, enabling you to make efficient use of our solution.

Complete the contract documents

We would be happy to send you all the contract documents and help you to complete these. Once we have received your completed documents, we will open the necessary accounts for you at Wirecard Bank AG. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Once your Wirecard Bank AG account has been successfully set up, you can start transferring funds to your account. After the technical set-up is complete, you will be able to access our Supplier and Commission Payments solution from your system using the API that we provide. Or you can use our SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal and immediately start creating virtual prepaid credit cards and adding the desired funds from the Wirecard Bank AG account.

Welcome e-mail

Our systems are available to you once you receive your individual login credentials from us via e-mail. We will also send you our FAQs, technical specifications and SCP WEP user guide.

Added Services

Various additional features complete the range of SCP services: using the SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal, you can monitor your cards and transactions at any time. The virtual credit cards can also be manually managed in this way.

Customisation options

The SCP setup is customized for our customers´ individual business case. Simply let us know what you need.

SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal

You can use the SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal or the APIs to manage all cards and accounts simply and conveniently and set up administrators.

Wirecard API

You can benefit from automated payment processes through simple integration of the Wirecard API into your systems.

Customer support

Do you or your employees have questions or concerns? After the set-up is complete, our technical support and sales operations teams will be happy to give you further assistance.

Questions? We have the answers.

What is SCP and who is the solution aimed at?

The SCP business solution is of interest to all customers who process transactions with their business partners every day. As a virtual prepaid credit card is created for each transaction, transactions can be tracked quickly and easily.

What added value does SCP offer?

As our solution covers over 30 different card currencies, international payments can be processed cost-efficiently and automatically. This means that exchange fees are reduced and international payments are more cost-efficient. The virtual cards can also be used at all Mastercard and Visa acceptance points throughout the world.

Can the transactions for the individual cards be viewed?

Card details such as transaction history can be reviewed using the reconciliation files provided every day or through the SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal. Each card has a system-based card identification number.

Can the cards also be used abroad?

The virtual cards can be used anywhere in the world where Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

How often can funds be added to the virtual cards?

Funds can be added to the virtual cards either via the SCP Wirecard Enterprise Portal or via the APIs. Please note that funds can only be added to the cards if the Wirecard Bank business account possesses the sufficient balance.

What currencies are available for the virtual cards?

You can currently choose from over 30 card currencies and more than 25 business account currencies.

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